Monday, October 13, 2008

284. Ah--The Glory!!!

I have now officially been named as the Municipal Liason for the region Micronesia by the gurus at NaNoWriMo! They are so happy to have such an exotic and remote corner of the world on their ML map, they've mentioned this specifically on their website front page breaking news. Ah, the glory! The Honor! The power of having a title!

If you want any information about NaNoWriMo (as in National Novel Writing Month), feel free to contact me.

I'll be taking the program into Saipan Southern High School, thanks to sophomore Engligh teacher, Jonathan Cabrera. I'm not sure how many students will be signing up, but I believe some hapless students in the 5th period English classes may be tagged for the honor. :-)

I'll also be figuring out when we have our KICK-OFF party, so if you have any suggestions of date and place, let your voice be heard.

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