Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marianas Milk-Tuesday

This captures several different versions of the monument-as imagined by me.  We see so much finger-pointing by our so-called leaders, and a few even act like clowns, so the finger-pointing version just seemed a natural.  Mud-slinging happens-Governor Fitial is especially good at it, but so are others.  Those who are ambitious in politics seem to be willing to step on anyone--look at the disaster at CHC, the willingness to have utility rates sky-rocket (and have the poor live without power), the governor's opposition to federal increases in foodstamps.  The poor and sick take the biggest hits.  And then there is the money that seems to lure in even those who might start out with good intentions. 

I personally would have published this one before the final version (which the Variety published yesterday). But I'm not the paper's editor!

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