Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marianas Milk

This cartoon was inspired by the protest rally photographs of Leila Staffler and the very real irony that many people didn't show up because of fear of retribution.  Even some of the strongest supporters at the protest suggested having a car rally next, because people could not be seen in cars with tinted windows, so would be more willing to participate. 

The little guys with hoods on are based on the protest rallies I witnessed in the 1970's on the campus of University of Kansas, held by Iranians protesting the Shah's policies (before his overthrow).  They always wore balaclavas, usually made from sheets or tee-shirts, because they feared the Shah had his henchmen taking photographs and would hurt their families back home.  In Saipan, in the MV comment section, there were actually Fitial supporters making similar threats--saying people would lose jobs, that there would be photographs taken.  I mean real intimidation is going on here.

Leila Staffler's point is very much one that needs to be supported.

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