Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Milk

Still raining here...we are in the monsoon season.

I have a whole series of kiosku cartoons, but this is the best, in my opinion.  The CNMI spent a lot of federal dollars in ARRA grant money for the leadership kiosku, which turned into a joke as the committee that decided what names to put on it insisted on adding all their family.  A number of people who were actually convicted of crimes were nominated, and a lot of small people who would hardly qualify as leaders have their names up there.  Meanwhile, the CNMI continues to sink further into economic, political and cultural chaos.  

Our "leaders" have their heads in the sand, at best.  Some are corrupt. Some are seemingly heartless (although it is difficult for even me to say they are in fact).  Some are blinded by loyalty to unworthy people.  Few if any think of principles, only personalities.

I borrowed some of this concept from political cartoons on the web, but added the kiosku arch (which in fact is quite pretty) and the head in the sand ostrich and man.  The little people comment on both the cost and the sorry example that such leaders give for our future generations.

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