Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Milk

It's hot and muggy today, and still overcast but with sun, causing a glare.

This cartoon was inspired by the "whistleblower" concept.  The referee (the whistleblowers like Glenn Hunter and George Hasselback, and even the House members Joe Deleon Guerrero, Ray Yumul, Tony I. Sablan, Janet Maratita, etc.) is too little and ineffective to stop the onslaught of the 'roided up thuggish football players.  The illegal contracts in the CNMI have been pouring in--the Mike Ada contract was unethical, the CHC contract that got stopped in its tracks with a newly created Boise outfit, the $190M CUC contract for an unnecessary diesel power plant with another newly created outfit run by con-man Ken Mahmood,  the latest sole source contract for around $350, 000 (I've actually forgotten the details)...they're just draining the CNMI of what little money we've got and are piling up faster than anyone can stop.

The little people in the 'toon include a cheerleader concerned that Team Fitial isn't listening to the ref's whistle and her counter-part, Daling Ogumoro, with her ridiculous comment echoing that made to Alan Fletcher, suggesting that he should have stopped the governor from signing the sole source CUC power plant deal.

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