Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marianas Milk-Fitial repeats his mistakes

Bright and sunny with a strong breeze continuing to bring cool relief.

This cartoon was inspired by the Governor's actions in the week following  his SOCA (State of the Commonwealth Address) where he said he had made mistakes but learned from them, and that he would not repeat them.

Of course, in the SOCA he blamed the Federal government for failing to help enough. Since then he has made no progress on paying the contributions owed to NMIRF. He has abandoned his former plan pushing for pension obligation bonds (reported after I drew this cartoon), with his new mantra being we need "new" investment (and his latest deal with E-land for the purchase of Aqua Resort Club).  He has said that he must continue with strong government employment practices and indicated he wants to hire more, despite our bloated government payroll. He has already issued an RFP for a new power plant, despite the questionable need for such an expensive purchase at this time.  He has shelved the request for extradition of Ed Buckingham and there appears no likelihood he will do so.  And of course, he is gearing up to defend himself in the Senate, recognizing he will lose in the House on the impeachment.

He obviously has not learned anything.

Coincidentally, the Governor's photo in today's Variety with the Mount Carmel School (celebrating 40 years of Catholic education) shows him wearing a yellow tie.  :-)

Since I drew this cartoon, the Governor has also avoided the MV news reporters, despite his promise of greater transparency.

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