Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marianas Milk-rotten eggs

Hot and muggy today, and still more rain.

This cartoon was inspired by the recent report that Judge Manglona in federal court refused motions by Senator Ayuyu in his illegal fruit bat case, and part of the reason was that there was reason to believe he is using illegal drugs.  No one says what drugs, but I extrapolate to methamphetamine because that is the problem drug here, the look of Senator Ayuyu includes that fallen jaw face associated with ice use, and his episodes of (alleged) violence and threatening also fit ice use.  I include Representative Ray Palacios in the stinky mess because of the charges against him for using and distributing ice (and his comments confirming use!).  It makes you wonder how many other elected officials are using ice!

The only thing I wish I'd done differently is added "17th" before the tag of CNMI Legislature, to make it clear it relates to the group just going out now, rather than the newly elected.

We have such a drug problem here that even the men (and women?) charged with the job of creating laws, the "lawmakers" themselves, are using illegal drugs, perhaps even addicted to them.  How can we have any faith in this corrupted and rotten system?

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