Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marianas Milk-the new 18th Legislature Republicans

perfect weather--sunny and breezy; bananas, tangerines; cadena de amor and popcorn plant in bloom

I tried to illustrate that the majority Republican-controlled 17th Legislature has truly ended. Their party's over (think of that song from an old musical).  Only 4 Republicans in the 18th House, Felicidad Ogumoro, Teresita Santos, George N. Camacho return and Richard B. Seman is newly elected. The new majority are sure to impeach Governor Fitial. The impeachment resolution has already been filed and signed by 16 members now--and only 14 votes are needed for impeachment.

The little guys comment on the obvious--the majority is now the minority. What did they do with the party hats?!

While the House is now securely in the control of independents and new Covenant members, the Senate remains ambiguous. With Ayuyu on trial in federal court (and evidence of his methamphetamine use), he seems unlikely to have much voting power.  With Rota having elected a Fitial hack, and others in the Senate still enthrall to Fitial, it remains uncertain how the impeachment trial will go.

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