Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Milk-Fitial evades reporters

Unseasonably cold. Windy, rainy, and just down-right chilly.

This political cartoon was inspired by a recent report in the Marianas Variety about how the Governor slipped out after a session with Willie Tan and the Governor's cabinet and other important government officials. Instead of meeting with waiting reporters and answering basic questions, the Governor sent word that he was still in meetings. The reporters waited until they were eventually told the Governor had left the building by another exit.

His response was hilarious. He said he hadn't run away from the reporters, they had failed to catch him! Then he said that certain reporters should consider why they had such difficulty getting information from the government when the others didn't--basically admitting that he plays favorites, gives stories only to the Tribune (a Willy Tan mouthpiece), and has no intention whatever of being subjected to questions from any but the sycophantic.

Just two weeks ago he promised greater transparency.  Well, we see clearly what exactly this Governor is and how very undemocratic he is.

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