Saturday, January 5, 2013

Milk-another on gun control

night--moonlight, cool

This cartoon is inspired by Sandy Hook, also.  Our gun laws allow easy access to high powered weapons that are being used to kill innocent children. 

In general, I tend to think that America's role as a leader in the world is waning; we are morally corrupt (and no where more than in Saipan) and it's just a matter of time before our country completely collapses. And there is no real reason to be too upset because this is the nature of history and empires.

I realize that lead pots didn't cause the end of the Roman empire--but their fondness for cooking with lead pots and using lead pipes for their water couldn't help.  Lead poisoning causes deterioration of mental function.  The Romans succumbed to invasion by the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals and other tribes, and perhaps they were in fact weakened, or their leaders were weakened, by lead poisoning.

American society will not be done in by the single issue of lax laws that permit gun ownership, just as the Roman empire wasn't sunk by lead pots alone.  But it can't help our society that we allow weapons of great mass destruction, like semi-automatic bushmasters, to be purchased on a daily basis and owned and used by just anybody.  These weapons should be limited to the military and police--law enforcement.  And individuals should not be taking the law into their own hands.

Lead--as in the lead bullets and ammunition (and yes, I realize that not all ammo is now made of lead), is certainly a type of poison in our society, just as lead pots caused lead poisoning in Ancient Rome.

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