Monday, February 18, 2013

2013-02-05 Marianas Milk

I loved Larissa Larsen's comment about the NMIRF's notice of default and warning of possible foreclosure on the Guma Hustitia.  She said "We don't have a recommendation at this point."  Translated--we don't have a clue what we should do! OMG!

Eventually, the CNMI government suddenly came up with a million dollars to hand over to the NMIRF.  Just where does it get this money when it keeps saying it can't pay?  This has happened over and over again under Fitial. It's like the money is a game... But of course, we're not having any fun.

I don't really like this cartoon. I think it lacks finesse and that special quality (conciseness, visual appeal) that is the hallmark of effective political cartooning. But I'm glad I commemorate and preserve the inanity of the Fitial administration's responses to some of the issues that have occurred.

As the little people say--just what point are we waiting for before we make some suggestion?  But then, since the responses have been so bad, maybe doing nothing would be an improvement! 

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