Saturday, February 23, 2013

Milk-the last of an era

sunny and breezy

When I drew this cartoon, I had no idea that Governor Fitial would resign.  I was inspired to create this because of the tradition during Lent to "give up" some pleasure or activity as a means of self-sacrifice.  I thought it would be funny to think of Governor Fitial "giving up" reading the Variety. It has, after all, called for his impeachment or his resignation for years now.

I also submitted several other cartoons, now untimely--the Governor sending Valentines to the Senators (as a means of wooing them to vote against impeachment), the Governor on-stage in an opera scene handing a bouquet with extra dollar bills stuffed into it to the Gotterdamerung maiden representing the 18th Senate, and a comparison of the new year of the snake with our new year to impeach--lots of fireworks and a chance for a new beginning.

With the resignation, Benigno Repeki Fitial is no longer Governor.  I am hopeful that the need for the stress relief of political cartooning will abate.

Things already seem better with Governor Eloy Inos--he has at least renewed the contract of Alan Fletcher at CUC. Fitial was so intent on monkeying around at CUC that we lost an able director (Abe Utu Malae) and were on the verge of losing Fletcher, also educated and experienced in utilities management.  Fitial was obviously upset with Fletcher who refused to back the very-hinky contract with Saipan Development LLC. Inos understands that CUC must have SOMEONE in charge who knows something, and if Fletcher leaves, the vacancy will be horrible.

There there is the arrest finally of Joseph Crisostimo for the murder of Emy Romero is reassuring.  Although the DPS and AG assure us that the long delay (more than a year since her murder) had nothing to do with Governor Fitial or his political pressure, you still have to wonder why it took so long when we were told last October or November by Joey San Nicolas that the lab reports were back and there would be an announcement imminently--and yet it took 3+ months to make that arrest! And coincidentally it happened only after Fitial left office. 

I am so relieved that Fitial is no longer our Governor.  Fitial at least got it right in his letter of resignation-his stepping down is good for our community.

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