Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013-02-08 Milk

These were published by the Variety on the dates mentioned, but not in the order in which I prepared them. And of course, there is always a lag of time between an event, my art, and then submission and publication.

In a surprise move, the Fitial supporters (now the House minority) resigned from the impeachment committee. This was principally Teresita Santos and Felicidad Ogumoro.  This cartoon was inspired by wondering why they would do that. Well, really, it had to be because they are loyal guard for the governor and he told them to.  So I show them as junkyard dogs and Governor Fitial reining them in.  In my original, I had labeled their names on the dog collars, but MV eliminated those. They did leave the dog tags showing both 17th and 18th House membership.

The little people simply state the obvious--why would they resign?  No wonder, though, really. They resigned because they were told to.  

This is possibly bad news.  Instead of trying to obfuscate or gain time or drag things out or any other tactic to fight in the House, the Governor now seems in a hurry to get to the senate. That can only mean he thinks he's got the senators in his pocket already.

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Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, I was wrong. Governor Fitial resigned today