Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inos, Hofschneider Sworn In

Hazy and bright.

Governor Benigno R. Fitial resigned this morning.  Starting at 1:30 PM, our new Governor Eloy Inos and new Lieutenant Governor Jude Hofschneider were sworn in. 

Eloy Inos prepares for his oath of office with Chief Justice Alexandro Castro.

Jude Hofschneider is sworn in by Presiding Judge Robert Naraja.

The news is rocking the CNMI. Few among us expected Fitial to quit without a fight in the Senate, and some of us thought he might actually "win" in the Senate and hold on to his governorship.  For Fitial to resign after his impeachment brings a "new tomorrow."

Inos, from Rota, and Hofschneider, from Tinian, also make history. For the first time in CNMI history (and possibly a feat not to be repeated), we have an executive team which does not include a person from Saipan.  Given that the vast majority of the Commonwealth's population resides on Saipan, having our two top executives come from very small minority communities significantly changes the dynamics in the political arena.

Each man, in his brief remarks after the swearing in, spoke of the need to work together.  They both sounded sincere. 

There is no question that the feeling in the jam-packed Multi-Purpose Center was hopeful.

I sinceerly wish them both good luck. 

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