Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Milk-our sinking ship

Bright and sunny day, but uncomfortably cool night.

The CNMI has been sinking for the entire six years of the Fitial administration, but it has never been in as bad shape as in 2012.  Fitial continues to issue "emergency" declarations to bludgeon autonomous agencies into his control and to hide his wheeling and dealing from the public bidding, open procurement process required by law.  In 2013, one month into the year, we already have had two emergency declarations "renewed"--as if there is really any emergency! These are nothing but declarations that say I'm incompetent and these agencies are completely dysfunctional.  We continue to sink and the emergency declarations are doing nothing to plug the leaks or repair our vessel.

I forgot to mention--I heard the Mighty Mouse theme song in my head when I wrote the caption for Fitial.

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