Thursday, May 3, 2007

76. Summer Reading List-for Children,YAs, and the Young at Heart

Start getting ready for summer. Here's a list that has something fun for everybody. Scholastic'sReadingList

I've already got some of these sitting on my TBR shelf. And others I've already read. (sigh)

If you want to go to Venice, but haven't the money, and you're an adult, you might also try this Lucifer'sShadow Wow!


Bereal said...

Here's a book to add to the Middle Grade Reading List for Summer. Nobody Left Behind - One Child's Story About Testing. It has a message all students should read in a time when there is no high stakes testing going on.

Samatakah said...

I don't know you but I've been reading your blog, which inspired me to list the books I read as a kid on my own blog (also, being brain dead for a real post with sentences and stuff). There were two titles I couldn't remember enough of to even do a search for. Maybe they will come to me and I'll add them later.

It was fun to write this list.

Samatakah said...

PS I've been reading your blog since you started, not just since this week. I had to search back for an applicable post to send you this message.