Monday, May 21, 2007

84. Adios and Dangkolo Si Yuuse Maase to Miss Snark

Another blogosphere icon of the literary world has hung up her keyboard. Miss Snark's blog is a treasure trove of great advice from a working literary agent. Her voice in present tense will be gone from the blog, and her loyal fans are wandering about, looking for another fix, dropping in at odd corners of the blogosphere, and patting their red eyes everywhere. More than 470 posts in the comments trail of her retirement post are a small testament to her popularity. The video is another.

Oh, what nitwits we will be without her constant refrain.

Write well, query widely.

A fond farewell and best wishes to the one and only MISS SNARK. And unending thanks. [sniff]

I Love Miss Snark!

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