Monday, May 7, 2007

77. Gearing Up for Script Frenzy

Now is the time to think about that play or script you want to write, because in June the madness begins.

A collective of writerly fanatics are signing up for the first ever ScriptFrenzy . You, too , can get in on the ground floor and join this earth shattering event. The plan--sign up, write a movie, television or stage script during the month of June, pat yourself on the back and return in cognito to your ordinary life.

Don't know anything about writing a script? Well, neither do I. But I plan on learning, and learning by doing is the best and most fun way. Besides, Script Frenzy has a list of resource links and advice columns and, did I mention, a community of writing fanatics who will answer your questions with their wisdom (or best guesses or hilarious estimates) in the forums.

You weren't going to do anything in June, anyway, were you?

And the adventure is open to writers of all ages. For the teens and younger, there is a special program where you can hang out on line with other like-minded, not-old-fogeys, writers.

I'm doing this. Let me know if you're willing to join me in this adventure. Just post a comment here.


BoReGo said...

I'm afraid I'll regret writing you on this because my skills are so rusty and maybe even non-existent. But here goes! ME, ME, ME

Mayra Calvani said...

Sounds exciting! I've participated--and made it--on Nanowrimo twice.

If it weren't for a deadline I have at the end of June, I would love to try it.

Maybe next year! :-)

Saipan Writer said...

Yay, Bonnie! Just remember the mantra-it's a draft. Or my personal favorite--1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. (I've got plenty of that latter, so I should be good to go.)

Mayra, the goal is just a 20,000 word script. You could at least start? This would just be 2 deadlines at the end of June! :-)

Marianas Life said...

speaking of scripts and plays. there is a new theater co. starting called "the Fabulous Invalid Theatre Co" That's invalid as in not true, not invalid as in crippled. Anyway, we're having a fundraiser this Sat. at Porky's at 7pm $ 5 for folks under 21 and $10 for those 21 and older. Includes 1/2 price drinks and food. Its open mic night for all ages and all forms of creative expression. So spread the word.

Marianas Life said...

hey saipan writer, thanks for the comment re: fabulous invalid theatre co.

i'm not in it to further my acting career, i'm a science teacher who likes creative arts and sees it as an opportunity for leadership development and raising of social and cultural consciousness. i'm just the stage manager.

i didn't know about the thespian group for youth or that there was a group at hopwood. that would be nahal's dept. since she's the drama teacher. we don't have aforensics coach this year either. while i did debate and theater as a student, i am already committed after school to envirnomental and science clubs. however, i am open to those students using theater as a way to learn and explore the issues we are focused on:)

certainly nothing is being done at the expense of the kids, infact two of the actors are teenagers and a hopwood student is helping with props. we hope future productions will provide an opportunity for actors of all ages.

writtenwyrdd said...

Thanks for sharing this. I doubt I'll participate, but I'll post a link on my blog.

BTW, I have tagged you for a meme on today's post.