Tuesday, May 15, 2007

81. Mother's Day -- Grateful for the Little Things

Mother's Day had its beauty--sunshine, a lovely church service, my daughter's original poem. I prepared a scrumptious brunch and the world seemed totally right. I even got to take a nap. And then the downside of life started--a slow slide into unexpected pain. My left hip started twinging, and by evening, I couldn't walk without excruciating pain.

I went to the ER, where everyone wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Better yet, I got a painkiller so I could at least answer questions, and after two hours, I had a diagnosis (nothing serious), a prescription for painkillers and muscle relaxants, and a wheel chair ride back to the car for the trip home.

It's amazing how I take everything for granted but as soon as it's gone (even temporarily), I suddenly realize just how valuable it is--like walking, bending, sitting, even rolling over in bed--when you can't do those basic things they suddenly seem like the most important things in the world. They aren't, of course--to my daughter, my friends and my co-workers who all pitched in to help me through Sunday and the next two days--thanks. People are the most important. Still, I'm glad that I can now sit down and stand up (even if there's still pain, it's not the excruciating, can't do it kind of pain, just the unpleasant, discomfort, occasional-twinge kind of pain.

And I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow. It's no fun to be home when all you can do is hope to lie down and be able to get back up again!


BoReGo said...

Sorry to hear about your hip. Happy belated Mommy's Day! Have you come up with any ideas for script?

Mayra Calvani said...

I'm glad it was nothing serious and hope you keep getting better!